Who Will Attend?

RONOG is an informal group which will be formed to provide forums for Internet network operators to discuss matters of mutual interest. RONOG has no formal power but the future members of this group will be influential members of the Internet Service Providers, Internet Exchange Points, National Internet Registry, Operational Security and other network operation communities.

Attendees at the RONOG #1:

  • representatives of international organisations: Euro-IX, RIPE NCC, Internet Society
  • representatives of national institutions: ANCOM (National Authorithy for Management and Regulation in Communications of Romania), MCSI (Ministry of Communications and Informational Society), Committee for Information Technologies and Communications from the Chamber of Deputies;
  • representatives of national associations: InterLAN Association, AFOR (Romanian Fiber Optics Association), ANISP (National Association of Internet Service Providers), AOTR (Association of Telecom Operators in Romania);
  • representatives of internet exchanges from Romania and abroad: AMS-IX (Nederlands), ARMIX (Armenia), BIX.BG (Bulgaria), ECIX (Germany), InterLAN (Romania), LINX (United Kingdom), LONAP (London Access Point), Lyon-IX (France), NetIX Communications (Bulgaria), Netnod (Sweden), RONIX (Romania), Top-IX (Italy), TREX (Finland), TunIXP (Tunisia), VIX (Austria);
  • representatives of internet service providers from Romania and abroad: 2K Telecom, Ambra, Bestnet Service, Bitway Telecom, Canal S, Combridge, Digital Construction Network, Distinct New Media, Exclusiv Telecom, GTS Telecom, Ines Group, InterConnect, Level3 Communications, M247 Europe, Net Gate Comunicatii, Phoenix Telecom & Media Services, Platinium Star TV, Prime Telecom, Radiocom, Real Network and Telecom, RoEduNet, STS (The Special Telecommunications Service), Telekom Romania, Teletrans, Teen Telecom, Tennet Telecom, UPC Romania, Voxility, Wired Networks;
  • representatives of telecom equipment vendors: 5A Trading, Alcatel-Lucent, Extreme Networks,
  • representatives of infrastructure providers: NXDATA, TIER Data Center;
  • representatives of content delivery networks: Chroot Network, CloudFlare, Intelliware Solutions Company, ROL.ro;
  • representatives of software and security services providers