Romanian Network Operators Group

Internet Network Operators’ Groups (NOGs) are informal groups which exist to provide forums for Internet network operators to discuss matters of mutual interest, usually through a combination of mailing lists and annual conferences. Although these groups have no formal power, their members are typically influential members of the Internet Service Providers, Internet Exchange Points, Regional Internet Registry, Operational Security and other network operations communities and discussions within these groups are often influential in the overall process of running the Internet.

Romanian Network Operators Group (RONOG) will hold its first meeting on Wednesday 29th of October 2014, in Bucharest. The event will be hosted by InterLAN, with the support of Euro-IX, and will take place at the Novotel Hotel, following the 25th Euro-IX Forum. We invite all Network Operators, Regulators and Government representatives to join us and participate in this event. RONOG is not a place for political disputes, it is a platform for people to share ideas in an informal way, focusing on technical aspects which can affect the Internet.

Mission Statement:

  • Encourage cooperation between Network Operators.
  • Strengthen relationships between representatives of Telecom Companies (local and international).
  • Create an opportunity to work on the development of the IT&C industry and ISPs in Romania.
  • Facilitate the free exchange of ideas between professionals interested in topics related to security, engineering and general operation of the Internet in Romania.
  • Improve the quality of Internet and other IP-based services available in Romania.
  • Promote individuals and/or companies with innovative ideas or products.